Choose The Right Asphalt Mix

right asphalt mix

Choosing the right asphalt mix can be really confusing. We strongly urge you to consider the advice of a professional when selecting the right type of mix. The type of mix required depends on factors like the purpose of the road being constructed, the types of vehicles that will be parked or driven on it and so on.

To break a common myth about asphalt, we would like to say that all of the asphalt is not the same. It is easy to think so if you never had to mix, roll, or lay it yourself. It is easy to think that because in a finished state, all of the asphalt looks the same. Asphalt, or bitumen, is a type of petroleum that occurs naturally.

Asphalt itself is not always the same. Different types come from different regions, so the properties can vary. In addition, some types have chemicals added in factories or labs that can help bring out certain properties over others. As you know, asphalt pavement consists of the following:

  • Aggregate mix (rocks)
  • Bitumen (a mixture of hydrocarbons)

The method of mixing the aggregate with the bitumen can vary from company to company, region to region. Altogether, there is a tremendous amount of mixes that these disparate things can create. There are mainly two types of mixes.

  • Hot mix
  • Cold mix

A professional will be able to decide which mix will be best for the pavement you need. But it’s not always easy considering that different proprietary blends are out there.

Hot Mix

Hot mixes are the most commonly used mixes. The mix is heated and rolled. This type of mix has a variety of mixes as far as types and uses are concerned. Hence, it is important to use a hot mix which has a proven track record for the purpose it needs to be used for or will be used for. For permanent results, a good premium hot mix will work best.

Cold Mix

Traditionally, cold mix has often been thought of as consumer grade asphalt. Meaning, it is often store-bought, good for DIY tasks. It is not considered as strong and durable as hot mix. But again, as mentioned above for hot mixes, there are many commercial grade cold mix solutions that work as well depending on the intended purpose and use of the driveway or pavement. They work better but not as well as hot mixes. Cold mix patches tend to cost less, and require less time to administer. They are ideal for making repairs during cool, cold, wet, or arid months.

Selecting the right mix for your task is not an easy job and you should most definitely not do it without the help of a professional as you leave a lot of room for mistakes. Consult a professional road construction company which will help you in selecting the right type of mix necessary for your pavement or driveway.

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