Pavement Restoration Myths

restoration myths

You probably have heard of a lot of myths pertaining to asphalt maintenance and driveway repair using concrete to asphalt and vice versa. For a fact, you know they are myths and hence you are looking for answers on the internet, aren’t you?

We will guide you in your search by busting a few myths regarding asphalt maintenance.

Myth #1 Asphalt Restoration Takes Longer to Complete

Asphalt pavement restoration takes an hour to be fully completed. However, you will have to wait for three to four hours for the mixture to dry and be ready to be driven upon. Concrete restoration takes comparatively longer.

Myth #2 Asphalt Restoration is not as Sturdy as Concrete Restoration

This is completely wrong. It is possible for asphalt to handle severe temperature fluctuations in both hot and cold climates which proves that it is sturdier than concrete and any other material alternatives. Concrete cracks because of temperature variations. For this exact reason people prefer asphalt restoration to concrete restoration. One more advantage of choosing asphalt is that it is a lot cheaper compared to other materials.

Myth #3 Asphalt Restoration is Only Possible in its Primary Color

Usually, most of the asphalt restoration is done in black, but most of the colors are available which you can use to restore your asphalt pavement/driveway. You don’t necessarily have to choose black when you commence with the restoration of your driveway, parking lot or pavement.

Myth #4 Asphalt Restoration is Pricier Than Concrete Restoration

This is most certainly not the case. The cost difference between concrete restoration and asphalt restoration will surprise you, asphalt restoration is must more cost-effective. Furthermore, the installation process costs more compared to asphalt restoration. So now you know which one to opt for when going for a driveway repair.

Myth #5 Asphalt Restoration Leaves Trails Behind

As with installation, many inexperienced pavement contractors might tell you that asphalt restoration leaves a trail behind. You could get asphalt stuck to your tires or shoes. This is nothing but a myth. When you hire an experienced contractor, he will complete the job correctly and as a result, it will not leave any asphalt to get stuck on your shoes or tires which in its turn will not leave a trail.

Regular asphalt maintenance should be carried out so that your driveway needs fewer repairs over the years and it ages well. Contact Blacktop Paving today and get your driveway repair needs assessed.

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