Paving At Ice District

Ice District

Edmonton – the city that is home to the Edmonton Oilers and Capital of Alberta has one of the country’s best real estate markets. Ice District in Downtown Edmonton is a booming piece of property.

Ice District

Ice District is a collection of entertainment and sports facilities that are found in a single location. The district is 25 acres in the heart of the Edmonton city and it is still growing.

More and more facilities are being planned and constructed for the people. The vision is for offices, condos, a public plaza, sports, entertainment and shopping all to be found at one location.

Ice District is not an area that a person can stroll through. 25 acres is massive. If you want to get to places in Ice District, you need some wheels, and your wheels need a road to travel on.

The Job

Many parts of Ice District are still coming up. A new building was emerging on Block D of the Ice District. The building is designated to be used by the City of Edmonton. One of the few remaining things to make the building available for the City of Edmonton was the road.

The building needed an easy access and connectivity to the rest of the Ice District and in turn, Edmonton.

The Challenges

Ice District

The biggest need of our client was to build an accessible road as soon as possible. However, this posed a very big challenge as not only was the pavement project immense but also the construction detail was demanding .


A strict timeline was plotted and adhered to. This enables us to complete the pavement project within the timeline specified by the client.


Before actually starting the project, we got our resources organized. From having an available workforce to ensuring that equipment could be accessed when required, this was critical to the preparation.

Fluid Communication:

On the field, fluid communication is vital to ensure the pavement construction moves forward without any pauses or breaks.

Each challenge was tackled in the best manner possible.

The Completion

Despite the tough timeline, the immense skill the project demanded, the constant pressure and stress, and the occasional snags, we stuck to the timeline and completed the project. Our professional employees were tested to their limits and they passed with flying colors.

Not only are we, at Blacktop Paving, proud of our work, but we are also proud of our employees that made it possible. And, if you are driving through Block D of the Ice District – enjoy the smooth road!

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