Paving Problems In Winter

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Winter is not too far away and you may want to take a good look at your pavement. Even though, you may have used the best asphalt materials for your pavement, it is equally important to maintain it. In case you have not maintained your pavement, now is the perfect time before winter arrives. There are some winter paving problems you will experience once the season sets in. But what happens to your pavement during winter? Here are some of the asphalt pavement problems during winters that you may face.

Cracks and Potholes Widen

Due to winter the sub-base of your asphalt gets affected due to contraction and expansion. It makes the asphalt surface unstable and causes the surface to develop cracks. The constant contraction and expansion increases the gaps between the surfaces and thus widens them. This leads to development of big potholes. A temporary solution for this would be to add cold mix asphalt to fill the cracks and potholes.

Potholes Become Dangerous

The asphalt pavement problems during winters can become hazardous due to the freezing of potholes. Driving through these big potholes becomes dangerous. As a result, any accident due to these potholes will become a liability for you. Hence, it is better to have professional pavers conduct the maintenance work to avoid winter paving problems.

Growth of Moss, Mildew and Algae

Another common pavement problem that occurs during winter is the growth of moss, mildew and algae. This takes place due to the moisture that gets trapped because of fallen leaves and other organic substances. If you happen to walk through the moss or mildew, you may slip and hurt yourself. It also weakens the sealed coating of your pavement as well. Moreover, the growth of moss and mildew also results in the formation of stains on your pavement once winter is over. You may need to incur extra cost for cleaning these stains.

Problem in snow removal

If your pavement has deteriorated and resulted in the formation of cracks and potholes, then snow removal becomes a tedious task. The snowplow works effectively on a smooth surface. A damaged pavement with too many cracks and potholes only increases the length of time to clean the snow. Furthermore, you may begin to scrape the pavement surface to remove the snow quickly. This, in turn, damages the pavement surfaces even more. In such a scenario, it is better to ask a professional company for snow removal.

These are some of the common asphalt pavement problems during winters that you may face. In order to avoid these problems, get the maintenance work done for your asphalt pavement in advance. Get in touch with a professional paver maintenance company to help you out.

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